May 24, 2010

Today is just like the other ordinary day for me. I really enjoy me and only me time. Since i really don't care about what happen in my circle so i really care about my self. It looks selfish but i really don't care! Sometimes i hate because i have this feelings. I care about people around me but only a few of them like my best friend and my family. I really need their support to continue my life. I feel boring about my environment, about people around me and about where i leave.

It's not because i don't love them but for me it seems my life has been planed since i was a kid. I want to be free, i mean trying anything in this life before die, i want to be anything that i want, i want to catch anything in my dreams. I don't want to have an ordinary life like graduated from college, have a job, get married and hen have a child, it's really a regular things for me. I know it's a purpose in everybody's life but i want more than that. I'm sick with a fake people so i need a real one. I don't like people who wants to know as a bad person specially to be a popular gang.

Oh please, this is 21st century! Sometimes when i saw a regular person like when i met people in the bus they look really pure, they show their pure soul without ever worried about them self and i need the circle that full of the pure person like that. From now on nobody can inspired me because their soul has been contaminated by fake life, fake id. If you find a nice circle please tell me, i will love to join in that circle.
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