May 7, 2010

what i wore:unbranded top/vintage black blazer/cheap monday black od jeans/black flats from rubi/ vintage belt/ fossil watch/ f21 earrings/ celepuk "pak pos" briefcase.

I went to my uncle’s office at Wednesday because i used his company as my reserch for my thesis. I went in the early morning, i mean i don’t know that my uncle’s go to office after lunch time. The result is not quite good because i can’t get the data that i need for my thesis, but they told me to come back next week. So as my first visit to this company i want to make a good impression. I wore black blazer with black pants, my lovely black flats and my new briefcase. Yeah i really love this briefcase, i found it from someone that sell it in facebook.

They produced that thing in my town with a local product i mean they are a real leather. The material is so soft and the color, oh i love the color it’s look like a caramel, rite? Then i come home and found that my last package was came. Yup it’s from AOD Store, it’s my twisted shoulder top from Proud Parents. I don’t know that this top is seethrough but i still love it. They release in 2 colors black and nude. The nude was nice but i already need a black top so i bought the black one. I really like the details on this top, beside that this stuffs designed by local designer, i’m proud of them even i think the price really not into me,lol. But i can see that the details are so good and i don’t mine to save my money to spent it with this cute things. I can’t wait to buy another stuffs from this brand again.

what i wore: twisted shoulder top by Proud Parents/cheap monday black od jeans/mng platforms/ vintage belt/ fossil watch/ f21 earrings/ korean headband/ ciciero studded clutch.
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4 sveet comments

  1. tikuka says:

    hay..boleh tau beli dimana tasnya? :)

  2. Olive says:

    hay, beli di celepuk bisa km search di fb page mereka :)

  3. tikuka says:

    uda aku cari say..kok ga ada.. :(
    ada linknya? :)

  4. Olive says:

    Sori, searchnya celepuk indonesia cari di group) pasti keluar kok :)

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