April 3, 2010
Happy Good Friday everybody!

Long weekend, rite? I celebrated Good Friday yesterday, so everybody took black outfit, eeerr maybe not all but most people took that color at least put the dark color as your clothes. So I was lucky to have this black dress from the Brightspot market. I thought it’s too big because it’s all size, but not at all. Lately I’ve been crazy about 3 in 1 things or maybe more. You can wear this dress as much as you want, you will get a different look from 1 dress. By the way, I found another things exactly like this, I have a plan to buy it and I will post it as fast as I get the thing. I have a sad news, it’s for me because my house hold assistant was gone, hmm.. actually she came back to her village because her mother was sick and she plans to marry with her lover so I’m happy for her but all my outfit photos was taken by her!Believe it or not I still have the other house hold assistant but she’s not quite good enough to take my outfit look. I don’t know why sometimes my passion in this fashion world suddenly drop. I love to wear something that unexpected for some people but this desire suddenly gone so that’s why I don’t do post everyday, I’m trying to do it as long as I have enough time and enough things to be posted. And now I face my thesis, I just started and I need to focus with it because my goal is to have a new degree by this year. So wish me a good luck :)

What I Wore:

black dress by cotton.ink/love earrings from f21/black studded clutch by ciciero/black platform by mng


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