February 5, 2010

I don't really like roses specially the red one. For me red roses look boring. So I prefer to give somebody else white roses because roses in peach color like this is hard to find in my town. I think if you give someone white roses it means you really love i mean it's a pure feeling not only a casual feelings. Hmm..February makes people excited, because we will celebrate what people called Valentine's day, actually it's not really mean to me because sometimes people who clebrated this event only a couple who loves to give chocolate or flowers to his/her mate.

I think it's boring, I don't mean i hate people who comes from my town but sometimes they like a follower, always follow the rules or custom things so it will kill their creativity. By the way i still excited with this month because i hope people not wear pink anymore!Please it's a harm. Maybe by some of this pictures you can wear something in peach color like this, or maybe in off white color. Believe me everybody will stare you everywhere you go!

*Have a great day everyone :)

source: Luphia Loves and tumblr


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  1. Wulan says:

    Agree with you. Valentine isn't always pink, red, chocolate, whatever. hehe
    I think valentine is everyday, because love is all around us every time! hehehe

  2. Livioso says:

    Yeah!That's right. I agree with you too. so I always say thanks to God because He give me another chance to see those lovely people everyday!
    For me Val's day just like the other day,but i can't resist that this month love is in the air :)

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