February 3, 2010
I woke up this morning a little bit late because last night I went home late too. Then I realized that this morning my Dad want to go to his office. Yeahh!I was glad to see it, i hope i can join them but i can't because i woke up late,huh! Then i continue my morning activities like make a breakfast and drink a cup of sweet tea. Btw my meal for this morning only baked brad with slices of strawberries and it tasted so yummy :)

Then i check my community account and found some of my friends and my auntie want to chat with me. What a nice day because they make my eyes still open and don't want to go back to sleep. By the way today's the biggest day for my cousin named Dewi, she wants to fight to get her economic degree. I hope the best result for her!Speaking about her, about 1 hour ago i had chat with her Mom, and after this things She asked me to go holiday with all of them, hmm...I can't waiiittt.

So maybe this is the best time for me to save my money from now on so i can use it for my holiday,yay! Last day I went to cinema with my buddy named Aya, we wantched for two times. First movie was "Toohth Fairy" it was really funny and entertaining me a lot, I always love the Rock's act!Then we continued with "The Spy Next Door" by Jackie Chan and it's like the movie that i watched before, so funny! Really nice after almost a month i never go to the cinema and it's like s revenge when i come back i watch for two times in the same day.

So today, i will stay at home by doing mw assignment, prepare for the presentation for tomorrow and studying a lot so when the final exam come i just ready to face it! Btw i was blogwalking this morning and found this interesting link. I love all photoshoots by Dear Creatures for Spring 2010 and their clothes collections look fierce. I really fallin in love with their flats collections!Start this year, i prefer to wear flats than heels except when i will attend special events like going to church maybe,lol. For me and my buddy church is our runway!LOL
So sad that this brand only available online and american regions :(

source: Sally Jane Vintage and Dear Creature's site


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