January 20, 2010
My new fashion muse..
Please welcome Caroline Sieber. I saw her face in Jak&Jill's blog and I love her style. She looks like Alexa Chung a little bit but She looks feminine than Alexa. My fave outfis is floral dress in the pic below, uber kewll! She never put too much accessoriess but she looks stunning. What makes her beautiful is the dress. She knows how to wear a dress that look fit on her. I love her legs and I think i just like her that very proud our legs,lol. She knows how to show it by wearing mini dress and heels. Now she's gonna be my fashion muses and you know what?she is an accountant too, now I must focus on my study to be a real accountant just like her. Now I'm trying to get a long hair just like her and has sixties dramatic make up just like her too. Now I'm getting crazy about her style,lol.

This is an article from whowhatwear site:

Of all the high-profile fashion-related jobs, we're most intrigued by the honorary positions, such as muse or brand ambassador. Though the responsibilities that come with said employment elude us—we assume wearing gorgeous gowns, marvelous maquillage, and sipping champagne at all the right parties are mandatory duties—high-end luxury labels are utilizing a smart strategy by tapping an international group of young and fashionable tastemakers to represent the spirit of their companies and act as mascots for their brands. While Christian Dior has several emissaries (most recently, Harley Viera-Newton accepted the role of House DJ for Dior Beauty), Chanel is taking the concept to a new level and has anointed five (Coco's signature number) alluring ladies to fill this glamorous, ambiguous post. Though the entire quintet are interesting to be sure, we think that Mr. Lagerfeld really set the bar high by picking Caroline Sieber, a raven-haired beauty with ravishing taste, to represent the storied fashion house. While we have long admired this Austrian-born, London-based stylist's look, we wanted to take the time to introduce you, dear readers, to this industry-insider who's poised to make a splash on both sides of the pond—and beyond.

Though Sieber came to London to be an accountant, it's clear that number-crunching took a backseat to being a fixture on countless best-dressed lists and a constant on the posh party circuit. Since first becoming a stylist for starlets like Emma Watson, our GOTM has managed to create a chic look all her own—a balance between classic sophistication and boldness, tempered with androgynous accents. Sieber has been known to sum up her style as a "youthful reinvention" of her icon, Jane Birkin (and she is a huge fan of sixties-inspired dramatic eye makeup!), and counts Balenciaga, Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Charles Anastase, Burberry Prorsum, and Chanel—naturally!—as her favorite designers and brands. It's obvious her passion for fashion is reciprocated; the industry's elite are enthusiastic supporters of the leggy Euro, as evidenced by her collection of the seasons' most covetable frocks and accessories.

source: getty image, thefashionspot.


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