January 14, 2010
Three things that I love from Maya Villiger:
.Stripes top!
I'm getting crazy about this pattern. Yesterday when I was waiting for my next classes at my campus I saw a few people wore a shirt with this pattern and i love it. Today, will be my hunting day to get anything about stripes specially shirt with this pattern.

.Boyfriend Shirt!
I love to wear anything that look loose on my body because it will cover the real shape of you. That's way people will look that everything you put in looks great and fit you well. So sometimes I borrow my brother shirt and you can try it by yourself that you will feel comfortable with it specially when the weather so hot.

.Satin Turban!
I'm still confuse how to make a great turban just like the pic below. I have been asked to someone in chictopia to give me a tutorial by message but I still can't make a perfect one just like this. This one from prada and i really like how they can mixed fashion and traditional things. For your information turban is traditional things came from India. Yup!All man in that country love to wear it everyday and anytime.

whose this girl: MAYA VILLIGER from NEW YORK.
source: Jak&Jill's blog.



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