December 18, 2009

why i called it like that?
Because it comes too early, but I like it. Yay! This is from my Mom.It's early Christmas gift. I only told it 2 times and I can't believe it because it's in front my eyes now. I never hope that it will come so fast. I never tell it to God before. So as I told you before, this things make me wanna do my best. It's not only for my Mom but it's for me and only me,lol. I love you Mom :)

Second things..

Yesterday It was came a package for me. I know it! It supposed to be my package from Ciciero Bag!Yay!Yay!Yay! Finally It came. The same Gilda Bag with difference color from Ciciero. Thaks a lot for the owner who create this fabulous clutch. Now I'm bankrupt,lol. But this is my last purchase for the Christmas stuffs except my Mom will give me extra money but I'm not sure until She knows that my GPA for this semester is great.

Still studying for my final exam. The next final will be on Monday and Tuesday. Wish me luck friends. Now I must focus for the Christmas Eve ceremonial in my Church. Many this to do yow..
Just send your bless for me and I will send you back my bless,lol

Oh have a nice long weekend since I saw on my calendar that today's holiday. I don't have any plan for today beside going to the church for the rehearsal, maybe watch movie, anyone?



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