November 24, 2009
I'm still sick until this minute.
Yesterday I prefer to stay at home but I can't. First I must dropped my father's lunch meal, then I went to campus for arrange my short semester schedule which is useless because I can't find my lecture anywhere. Then I must picked my brother to get home together because He want to stay at the hospital to accompany my Dad. And at noon I must dropped him again at the hospital. FYI because of this sickness I didn't attend my english class. I went home about 09.00pm and I must finish my assignment, yesterday was my hard day.

But I enjoyed it. Some bad things coming with the good one. My Mom was sick too so She stayed at home with me. When me and my brother come back at 02.00am She was slept. Then I prefer to take a nap and hoping that my cold getting better. Then When I woke up, I met her downstairs because I want to have a dinner alone. Actually I already moved my dinner time to 05.00pm, She joined with me then My brother was came. My Mom really funny, maybe because this is a nice time to be together she wanted us to hug her,lol. I think she missed our moment together since my father has been staying at the hospital for 3 months. We had out quality time together, laughing, sharing and joking. I wish my father was there too. I missed our dinner time when the family just sit together, enjoy the dinner, sharing and doing something silly,lol.

At the night while I was focus on my notebook, I was googling for my assignment and My mom came upstairs and yell at me "Olive..Olive..Do you love me?" and kissed me on my cheek. It was another weird things that she done for yesterday. And I said "Yes Mom, I love you a lot" Now I'm sure that She missed her family too. I hope my father get well soon because all of the member of this family really missed our time together. My Mom told me and my brother too that If my father come home than We must have a holiday together. This is something hard to do when each of us has a different activities and for my Dad, it is important to focus on our school than passed some class because of a holiday.

Oh and so sorry for my bad grammar. I'm still learn about it. And maybe need your help to deal with it,lol. I will appreciate if you sent me an email to teach me or at least if you leave a comment just put your name. I would love to get feedback from you :)

What I Wore:

Yellow Sweater from polo; Cheap Mon narrow tight jeans; Light Grey Shawl from Cotton.Ink; Holy bracelet; Casio Watch; Grey Tote Bag; Yellow Jelly Shoes.


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