November 23, 2009
This supposed to be my Sunday post.

Woke up this morning with a cough and I’ve got cold. Crap! I hate this ill so much, specially when i need a healthy body to be focus on my play. Went to churh this morning with my Mom but I dropped her at a hospital first then I can go to my church. I was really in hurry to practice my play again. Oh today’s is a special day because we celebrated the people who died for the last one year ago so everybodies were wore black outfits. I told you before that I obsessed with Parisian things so I was happy to follow the dresscode ;D
I found my old black dress, I never wore it again since my body getting bigger. Now it fits me well, yay!

What I Wore:

Little Black Dress by Invio; Unbranded black tights; Black Headband (I found it from small shop at skywalk pim); F21 errings, Casio Watch and Black Platform by MNG.

Many things to do for this day but I don’t know how about this body that getting drop. We had an election to the part of our youth community on my church. We put someone’s name and this person will be the next youth’s board for 2009/2010. Oh my gosh somebody put my name on it!Crap!I really hate it. I like to help but I don’t want to be part of it. I will do anything as I can but at this time I don’t have so much time, I need to be focus on my study. What ever I said it can’t be canceled so I mush except it, this make my ill getting worse.

Then I need to oversee for christmas rehearsals, during that rehearsals I went to hospital give some help for my Dad. Then went back to church with my empty stomach, great to see there was so many people sell so much food. Just picked one of them, yay!

After that I moved to Aya’s house and prepared for the next church service. We had a plan to see church service at HKBP-Menteng. Yup!We made it! We’ve got there late about 5 minutes and I found my campus friend names Bako,lol. And their remaja choir was great. I like it a lot. Before we got home we dropped at GM for dinner and took some picture. Thanks a lot for the waiter that has a big kindess to help us. We love you Mas ;D

Then I went back to hospital met my Dad, Mom and my Brother. I went there to picked my Mom. She was not well to just like me and want to bed rest at home. So my Brother will take care of my Dad. Now I really come to the bad situation. My sickness getting really bad and I’ve been drinking two glasses orange juice and a suplement of vitamin C. God help Me and Bless Me please. I need my healthy body back because tomorrow I need to arrange my schedule for my short semester. God speed Olive. Yeaahhhh!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    passed by you blog. your outfit is beautiful. but no offence, i think you need to improve your grammar my dear. :)

  2. O.L.I.V.E says:

    Thank you for coming. I realized that my grammar is very bad, still learn about it. Maybe for he next time you can put your name. I will appreciate it :)

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