November 10, 2009
I woke up early as always since my insomnia came back to my life.
What I've been doing in the morning?Playing farm Ville, checking my fb account, blogging and looking around. And then when I was looking around on the internet my cellphone rang and I don't have any idea whose number in that screen. SO because I was waiting a call from my sister, I thought it was her. So She said "Hello",then my answered "Hello, how are you my sister?", She said "Ha?Sorry I'm *%& from $#@@% *&^"and then yes! It was embarrassing moment in the early morning!I'm glad that she's kind and asked me "Whose call have you waiting for?" and I said "Sorry, I thought you are my sister,hehehe". Yup, sometimes I felt too excited when I was waiting a call from someone that i need to talk,LOL.FYI my sister always call me from a different number so it's not my fault when I saw unknown number called me and I thought it was her xP

Then I went to rspp to meet my lovely Dad. He's getting better day by day!Yay!
I had a little takled with him yesterday and I realized that I missed him so much!
Sometimes I felt blue when I saw him, because he never showed us what he really felt. He don't want to worry us, but i know it when he read an upper room every morning listened his pray to the God. In this case I felt like him. Hmm..Like father like daughter ;D
Keep trying Dad, Me, Dave and Mom always behind your back. We will waiting until you are ready to come back home and have a dinner together as always. Smooch..smooch..

After that I supposed to be attended my subtitute class but Mr.Ciwi didn't get the class so the class has been canceled. Oh my!Then the raining was came so I took a cab. I don't really like have a ride with a cab, because so many things can happened there and i felt lonely there. I prefer took a bus when I can saw many people around me, I can saw the gap and I can saw that many people are not blessed like me. From what I've seen I really think that God really loves me and blessing me all the time. Oh I can even hear a voice from the singer, even not all of them have a great voice but I appreciated what they've done to get some money to eat, at least they have a willing not only begging some money just like a beggars. I really hate them!

What I Wore:
Magic Happend White Tee with Jendral Mao prints, Khaki overal from Her Room, Earrings and hairpiece were handmade stuffs, Holy Bracelet from Illy, Casio Gold Watch, Mom's bag and Everlast keds.

At noon I had an english class with Miss. Sally. When I was on my way to Pejaten I met Indra my english classmate, we took a bus together and came late. I'm glad that we late only for 10 minutes so Miss. Sally didn't get angry,LOL. Discuss about abese all day long and made an advertisement for anykind of desease, quite fun and I enjoyed it ;D
So tired after the class, I'm happy when I received text message from my driver that he will pick me up. Yay!Oh Mr. Miss One you are the best driver I ever had!You are so funny and all the members of The Butars like you a lot,LOL.

When a rrived at home, talked with Illay about her day. Please sister keep trying ;D
And then went to sleep early. I can't understand what happened to me lately. Always feel sleepy around the day then I sleep earlier but woke up at 04.00am and can't sleep again until the sun was shinning. I really hate this habit x(

Have a nice day all ^_^



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