October 20, 2009

source Jak&Jill's blog.

What's on my mind:
It's really hard to walk on this life without saw you.
It's like a drugs.
I can't find you anywhere.
Sometimes i feel you are not exist or maybe it's just a dream.
Or maybe i can called you Mc Dreamy?
Have you ever saw Grey's Anatomy?It's a TV series.
Why i described you as him?
Mc Dreamy is A man who is charming, devilishly handsome and basically the kinda guy every girl goes to sleep dreaming about.
Mc Dreamy is A man that often makes the wrong decisions, and is often known as a jerk, or the ultimate heart breaker.
Not really the perfect man rite?
If you follow the Grey's Anatomy movie, you can agree with the description above.
Man, i just want to know you more.
But it seems to hard to do.
I just try to slow and take a deep breathe.
I'm not good to make a move x(
Godspeed Olive!


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