September 10, 2009
This is a special post to my special friend. I called her Illay
She has been my best friend almost 4 years. We have been trough so much things together and sometimes people called us "a Soulmate"hahaha. Actually, even this is not a holiday time but she insisted to accompany her grandma for the holy land tour. She went there for almost 2 weeks and just turn back 2 days ago. I missed her so bad and finally yesterday we met again. This is one of her picture in holy land. I think this is her best shoot,hahaha.LOL

She never forget to bring me something.Yay! She bought me this super duper cute lace propeller, the dead sea face musk and the holy bracelet. I only ask for the face mask but she gave me more that I thought. I never account what people gave to me, I always thankful not because of the price but for their caring to me and always kept those stuffs in my heart.LOL (I know this phrase too excessive. Oh for the holy bracelet, you must know that she gave me this because she want me to have the same bracelet as her. How sweet, rite?hahaha

I would like to say thanks to you in my own way, so this is it. I say thanks because you are such a great friend for this 4 years. Thanks that you care about me, we had the "take&give" friendship, you gave me so many lessons of life, I've learned so many things from you, from your problem. Thanks for the great family that always accept me with their humble. So many this that i want to write about you, but you know my capacity in this language not really good. But I think you get my point ;D
Last words: "Thanks a lot for those stuffs and thanks because you were prayed for me there. I hope it will be coming true"



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  1. Anonymous says:

    waduh asiknya si temen kamu itu bisa foto di mesir....
    btw oleh2 lucu

  2. Iya Lyn, foto-fotonya bikin mupeng xP

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