August 10, 2009
This supposed to be sunday's post. But I kindda busy a.k.a lazy to post it well xP
Yesterday was Abeth's Birthday, s I would like to say Happy Birthday again to you Beth ^_^
On that day I was going to church like ussual. Nothing happened that day except my dad felt pain on his
hip bones. He wants to get home earlier so we came home earlier that day.
He took a rest at home while my mom and me was going to Paser Baroe where all the trifted stuffs came to me.
It was such a daugther and mother's good time. I enjoyed it.
But today my father got to stayed at the hospital because of that pain. He stayed in emergency room, I'm afraid,
tomorrow i will be taking care of him and Hopefully he'll be getting better for the next day.

What I Wore:

Ethnic Dress from Thailand, Cupcakes earrings from Diva, Brown Vintage Bag from Aigner, Gold watch from Casio, Nude Bag from Ciciero, Unbranded Dark Blue Tights and Nude heels from Charles and Keith.



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2 sveet comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    waduh buka blog km ini susah banyak banget gambarnya ^^
    btw rambut kamu normal kok say

  2. Waduh maaf ya Lyn, emang hobinya upload gambar ni.hehehe
    Maacih, tapi kata temen-temen daku rambut eke jadul abiss,hahahaha

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