August 22, 2009
I've been waited for this bag, and this stuff coming by this morning.
I was happy when I found this package in my big chair. After all my campus activities, this stuff really make my bold burned,hahaha. Lately, I've been inspired by satchel specially when i saw this bag at jack&jill's blog. I will post the picture after this post. A man who has this satchel on his hand and he looks good with white shirt, shorts and shinny oxford shoes. Huh!That's why i loved boy's stuffs because their stuffs it's to shiny and make them good looking.
So this what i've got when I was browsing on the internet. this is from Fash'on Heaven. The girl who has this site really top notch! She's got style and all the stuffs are afordable!That's my target!hahahaha
Can't wait to wear it girls ;D



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7 sveet comments

  1. Wina says:

    wwwoowww..lucu lipp..bli dimana say? bagi2 add nya donk hehe

  2. @Wina: Biasa daku berburu di ol shop tp basenya dijakarta. Linknya daku email aja ya 1in ;D

    @Uthie:Thanks Beb :D

  3. Anonymous says:

    liv..tasnya kereeennn... mau link online shopnya tas ini donk.. boleh tak? hehe..


  4. Boleh Cheel, minta email dikau dongs. Supaya daku email aja linknya,hehehe
    Tapi ini thrift stuffs gitu yaak. Tapi selama ini sih daku beli di dy barangnya oke-oke aja,hehehe

  5. Anonymous says:

    email ke yakz..
    thrift berarti satu2 dong ya barangnya.. aahh u'r so lucky then..


  6. Iya Cheel cuman satu-satu gitu,hehehe. Yup..yup..
    Udah gw email yaa Cheel ;D

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