August 27, 2009
I'm not a following person, but for this fashion item I think it's a must trend to be followed.
I was browsing when I found this cute embellished sandals. I know this has been a latest trend for a month but I never found cute embellished sandals just like this in my town. And i love if they made it here in my country so the shipping will be cheaper ;D
At the first time I was thinking is it worth it to buy because for this month I've been paying for 3 pairs of custom shoes!My mom will hit me If she knows about it xP
But all of them is custom made, they made what i ordered. I hope the result will be flawing as my style.LOL. So I don't care about my money and just text the owner to buy those embellished sandals, they sent it yesterday maybe by this noon on the next day i will be seeing those flawless sandals ;D -->they were arrived exactly at the noon and i wore it to my campus by the afternoon.
I bought the gray one because they made it with suede material. But they made in brown and black color too. (so sorry i don't took the black picture but it's same model but in different color)-->finally I've got the black picture, so sorry for my late updates x(

Inspired by this.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow...beli dimana.....harganya berapa?
    aku mau dong nitip ntar biayanya aku ganti...
    drop komen di blogku ya

  2. oliv,mau banget sandalnya.beli dimana??

  3. @Evelyn:Ak belinya online darla, ntar ak email atau comment di blog kamu yak. Tapi agak2 lupa sih berhubung itu bentuknya page gitu. Tapi coba di search aja "flare" di fb soalnya kan difotonya ada tulisan "flare" tuh,hehehe

    @Nunu:di ol shop di fb Nu, selebihnya liat comment diatas yaa darling ;D

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