June 5, 2009
First Day.

When I was arriving in Bangka-Balitung, I went to Oarai Beach and Resort. It takes about 45 minutes from Pangkal Pinang (Bangka Belitung’s Capital City). This resort is belongs to El John who has Sriwijaya Air. We stayed here for 2 days and 1 night. We arrived at 3 pm. When we was arrived I felt tired so I stayed in our room and my cousin went to explore that resort and taken some picture. Where am I?I just stayed at my room and slept,hahahaha.I really tired because the day before I arrived in Bangka I was attended my campus event that we called Campus Nite and I was a Documentation Commitee in that event, so I arrived at home at 5am.huh! And after I was arriving at my home, I went to Airport for the next destination “Bangka-Belitung”, what a hetic day!hahaha.LOL

But It’s fun!I need some rest before I can feel this fun. After taken 2 hours for take a nap, I was ready for hit that resort! We went to their beach and we tried parasailing and banana boat. I really want to try snorkeling but the resort’s security said that the wave at that time is not good enough x(

What I've tried : Parasailing and Banana Boat.

The day after this my cousin’s Dewi was celebrated her 22 birthday. And her mother and father came here for celebrated this event. We doin some of shoot!hahahaha

Happy Birthday Dear :D
Me with the white mini dress.

Note:All food in this island is about seafood and beware of the water at the sea because it can cause an allergy specially in your face!And the last one don’t forget to bring your Body Lotion with 30 SPF (minimum) because the weather is so hot and the sun light can burn your skin dear.



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