June 6, 2009
Just browsed Candy Feet's Blog and I found this!!
Hmm..it looks cute.
But I prefer the low one :D
Nude shoes is must have item for this June!I prefer the high one, I will post the pic latter but it's different model xP
This is what i want immediately!!
Hmm..I prefer the baby blue one like Diana's from Dianarikasari blog :D


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8 sveet comments

  1. O ! I bought the doc marc in Pink ? HAHAHAHAHA :)

  2. Wow!Those shoes in shocking pink?so lovely!

  3. hi2 say...wah CF mampir dan liat blog kamu,thx ya di tulis sbg lovable stuff hehe..boleh link blog kamu? oya platformnya 190 sdh trmsk ongkir ^^

  4. @CF:Wow!Boleh dong :D dengan senang hati :D
    Owh, makasih udah dikabarin harganya :D

  5. Anonymous says:

    I really like the first pair, they're looking like the minimarket ones, perfect!

  6. Yup!
    You can check her blog dear :D

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