June 18, 2009
It will be my final exam on next week and now i'm just stuck in my church as an official for Distric Choir Competition. Huh! Now I just realized that being an official is a hard job to do. After finished my class i ran to catch my transjakarta buy for taking me home. And after that i changed my clothes and take a bath and then went to the church. This day will be he costume day because all of the member of this choir fitted their clothes and wow some of them feel not comfy with the clothes,huh!

News update: I've got an email updates from WWD site and found this bun hair. Love this hair style so much. It looks simple and sophisticated. Tomorrow i will be in Glorius Choir Concert and it will start at 7 pm. Wish me luck dear. I'm not join that choir but I will be a person that checking their guest list :D

Hoaaaa....I'm so tired now. Gotta go to sleep.Nite2 and sleep tight :D

Outfit for Today:

Black top:unbranded; Off-white sweater:Unbranded from factory outlet in Bandung; Black Leggings:unbranded; Shoes:Converse



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