April 19, 2009
I'm so happy today because I feel pretty,hahaha.LOL. I love the braids hair do and love my outfit today. I wore this soft pink things for the first time since I bought it last year,hahaha. My trademarks are tighs and earrings. Never went out without that items, but when I went to my campus I never wore tights, It's kinnda silly because a weather in my town is very hot! I will have mid exam by tomorrow but I don't have book. Maybe I should ask my friend for teach me this subject.Wish me luck gals:D
A few of my narcism potrait on my car before I arrived at my church
Outfit for today

Dress:Unbranded from Mangduw; Belt:Vintage (Mom's collection); Tighs:Unbranded; Earrings:F21; Watch:Casio Vintage; Clutch:Ciciero Bag; Shoes:F21; Mask:Unknown (found it in my living room)
Nail Polish for this week:Bright your self with Red nail polish!

Edited photo by myself

What I bought today: Today I went to 'Grand Lucky' (It's a supermaket like Carefour) and bought all this things.I bought facial tissue, bathroom tissue, black scissors, tiny pen for my schedule, night hand and body lotion (yup, this item works when We are sleep), Clean&Clear cleansing, Makarizo anti aging creambath and cutie stamps. Why I bought this cutie stamps?Because it's so cute,hahaha.I love buy the unique things and because of that My Mom doesn't like it. She says it's useless!hahahaha. Gotta go to study for my mid exam tomorrow. Please give me your comment for my today's outfit. For another AtmaJaya's students let pray for the best result tomorrow,hahaha.

Luv you all,


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7 sveet comments

  1. ONiC says:

    your blog is so cuteee :D
    i never wear tight to campus either, not just for the same reason. di kampusnya sih nggak panas, di busnya itu loh. hiks.

  2. Thanks dear :D
    I don't think so dear, even you go to your campus with a car I think you don't want people staring at you because of your outfit, rite?hehehe

  3. ONiC says:

    haha yeah you got the point. somehow pake tight ke kampus masih dangdut aja buat orang sini haha..
    yeah my blog is still a baby. i reblog a lots. thats my 8th blog, or 9th. idk, cant recall. and yeah, i'm a batak :)
    and if i'm not mistaken, so are you right?

  4. Actually it's not about the "dangduts" style but a weather is quite hot,hahaha.
    Oh my!Why?
    Yup me too :D You can see clearly at my last name (which is my family name)hahaha.
    Proud to be Batak!xP
    Btw, boru apa?hehehe

  5. designani says:

    wah...kangen majalan Go-Girl Indoooo....
    my favourite!!!!hahhahaa

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  7. To Designani: Iya, makin laris banget majalah gogirl,hehehe.Must have item buat ce2 Indo xP
    Btw, balik ke Indo dong sekalian ngadain pamera karya-karya kamu. Kalo balik dan ngadain pameran bikin pengumuman yaa, mau dateng banget.hehehe

    To Vintage Me New You:Hi, thank u for visited my blog. Actually it such an honor that you like my blog. Ok i will do what you said. Wish me luck darl xP

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