April 10, 2009
Actually tired and feel lil bit dizzy, so maybe I will post more detail tomorrow. Today is a good friday, so I went to my church wore the black outfit from head to toe. And I went to the church for 2 times, the 1st one is in the morninf, and the last one is in the afternoon. I took this photo in the morning when I went to the Nipah street for took my golden fish, hmm..so yummy!

Hmm..My lipgloss is so yummyy.. It's smell like peach!
This photo took by self timer when my mom picking up the golden fish,hahaha.So sorry mom, it must be me, but I'm still in the car for made some call.


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  1. Kenia says:

    You like a model! You see a pop star!

  2. Aww!!Not really dear, I'm just an ordinary girl :D But I love fashion so much xP
    Thank u for visiting my blog..

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