March 7, 2009

I love the preppy look, maybe this is my inspiration for the next week =) I know it's kinnda old stuff but i still love it, so what do u think?


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  1. Wina says:

    Wowww nice blog u got there! And did u make those cute necklaces urself? LEGO, really?? Ur awesome : )

    I blog on fashion too. Can we exchange links? : )

    Lam knal

  2. Thanks Wina =)
    yup, I made it by my self =)
    thank you again =)

    exchange?i didn't know what u mean =(
    so sorry, i'm totaly new in blogging =)

  3. Hi there Olive, what a cool blog you have...Thanks for your comment, I'm working in a traditional wedding magazine named Mahligai. What about you?

    I agree with you, preppy is an everlasting look...So what are you waiting for? Be preppy...Hahaha, can't wait to see your next post ;)

    Senang berkenalan dgnmu Olive ^,^


  4. Hi Gita =)
    I'm still study in Atmajaya Univ major in Accounting,hahaha.I know it's diffrent from my passion (fashion), but i'm going to learn about fashion in summer course or at lease i will take sew course =)

    Mahligai?Never hear it before =)

    nice to know u too Gita =)

    <3 Olive

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