March 11, 2009
white top:unbranded; skirt:hongkong brand; necklace:vintage collections
black blazer:belongs to my mom; bracelet:mangdu; watch:casio
black clutch: (x)sml; shoes: charles&keith

earrings:forever21; black bow hairpiece:handmade; necklace:vintage

My Inspiration: Mary-Kate's Outfit

My Inspiration:Ashley Olsen's outfit

I really adore their sense of style, they never affraid to show their black side =)

Peta doesn't like them because their wear fur, but we know beside that they have amazing style and everythings they wore would be the new trend. And I like this outfit because their make up look nude and amazing!!They don't use their spooky make up =)

Mary-Kate and Asley are the trully FASION ICON.


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2 sveet comments

  1. Thanks for your comment ;)

    They are a TRUE live fashion icon...I think They'll always be the "it" girl ^,^

  2. thank u for drop in my blog =)
    I will make the twins Olsen as "It girl" for next week =)

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